Planning & Design

At Goodland Homes we like to be involved from beginning to end; from purchasing a lot to moving in. Our clients can breathe easily knowing that we will be guiding them every step of the way.

We provide personalized service:

  • working collaboratively with our clients to translate their ideas onto paper and developing a blueprint that bring ideas to life.
  • working with our team of professionals or your choice of Architects, Engineers, and Designers
  • helping clients choose their exterior/interior finishes that suit their lifestyle and needs.
  • once a blueprint is approved, we will develop a realistic budget where the client always has the final say.
  • the client will always be an integral part of the communication process, we will always respect input and concerns throughout the building process.
  • we encourage our clients to participate in every aspect of the build and we will ensure that the they will have a positive experience.


At Goodland Homes, we start long before the shovel goes in the ground. We spend many hours sourcing materials and consulting with our team. Whether it is a new build or a renovation, we are always looking ahead to identify and correct any potential issues.

With a team of highly skilled and reliable trades and my personal guarantee that I will be on site every day to supervise construction, we will always act in the best interest of the client.

Tom stands by his trades and ensures high standards. He works with trades that are just as passionate as he is about achieving this goal together.

This is not only a job for Tom and his team, but a privilege to be trusted by others to help them create their dream home. Goodland Homes is successful today because of the pride that Tom takes in his work. His simple philosophy is, "what would we do if this were our house."

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