About us

Goodland Homes was founded over 30 years ago, by Benito Pelosi. Benito immigrated to Canada from Italy and he started out as a bricklayer until he successfully created his own company, Goodland Homes.

His son, Tom Pelosi, today’s president of Goodland Homes, continues to deliver the same expertise and passion for home construction as his father did. Tom continues to make Goodland Homes flourish in the Greater Toronto Area and lives up to his father’s standards of dedication and commitment.

Tom’s commitment and hands-on approach is what makes him stand out from the rest. His craftsmanship and knowledge about the building process is outstanding. When Tom is building a home for a client, he treats it like his own home. He’s always the first one on site and the last one to leave.

"Once the project started, it was refreshing and comforting to find Tom on the job site every day from morning to night with total dedication."
- Frances and Vince, Etobicoke
Tom is also a framing carpenter by trade and he believes his skills allow him to set up the building envelope for all the other trades. He knows how important it is to set up the house properly so that there is a smooth flow to the building process.

Goodland Homes sees the opportunity to build someone their dream home as a privilege and that every client deserves to be treated with honesty, fairness and respect.

“I love what I do. For me, being on site working with all the trades is more than just a job. Ever since I was a young boy going to a building site with my father, I knew this is what I want to do. For me working with a client to build their dream home is a privilege.”

- Tom Pelosi